We understand the environment we live in is fragile and that we are stewards in its protection and preservation. By implementing sustainable technologies, we have been able to reduce our environmental footprint and the impact on our communities.

A Research and Development fund was set up to explore, design, promote and implement new solutions to the ever-changing environment in which we live and work. This enables us to expand and improve on our vision of raising ours, and the industry’s standards, to ultimately benefit society as a whole. 

Smart, energy efficient buildings
Cutting-edge communications technology

  • Fibre Optic Loop
  • Rooftop Satellite
  • Wireless Responder
  • Smart Materials
  • Programmable Glass
  • Electric Charging Stations
  • Renewable Energy - Solar
  • Power Provider of Choice
  • Water Efficiency and Storage
  • Environmental Sensors (air, noise)